At Rocket City Academy, we believe that each child deserves the opportunity and support to succeed and excel. We can provide support to homeschooling families through our Homeschool Program. In our program, each child receives individualized academic support by trained, certified, and experienced educators. We offer two options for students: tutoring or classes.

There are many reasons to send children to tutoring. Tutoring can help your child understand difficult concepts, help your child get help with study skills, help identify learning gaps, help with academic independence, help your child get ahead, and help provide additional support as needed. Students attending tutoring sessions will have an individualized learning plan created for them based on their subject matter, curriculum, and goals. We will meet with families to develop this learning plan. This allows us to ensure that students are able to learn and reach their personal academic goals using their own curriculum or our supporting curriculum. We can provide tutoring for one or more subjects and also provide help with study skills, organizational skills, and task completion.

Structured classes can also be beneficial for students to take. A structured class can help students gain note-taking skills, test taking skills, and memorization skills, and it can also provide a social environment with friends who are studying the same topics and can provide a traditional classroom environment that will prepare students for future college classes. Homeschool students who wish to take structured classes will join in our private school classes. We believe in strong academics, creativity, compassion, and social support. Our classes promote organizational and planning skills to help with task completion as well as improving motivation and confidence in our students. Our team is also knowledgeable in the neurocognitive, behavioral, and social factors associated with ADHD, dyslexia, ASD, and other learning differences. Students will receive an academically strong education tailored to them and their needs.

There are many advantages to studying for the ACT or SAT. When going to college, some students will have to take remedial classes that do not count toward a degree. By increasing the ACT or SAT scores, students can test out of these remedial classes. Also, great scholarships given out by local colleges are based on these ACT or SAT scores. Local colleges will give full-tuition scholarships starting with ACT scores in the 20's. The average score increase for students attending ACT Prep is 3 points per session. Students can greatly increase their score by attending multiple sessions. We have students who start out scoring in the teens on the ACT that go on to receive a 30 ACT score and a full-tuition scholarship. Students can choose to take our ACT Prep structured class or can come in for ACT Prep tutoring.

Due to our small ratios and individualized learning plans, our school day is only four hours long Monday through Thursday from 9:30am to 1:30pm. Parents can choose how many days they would like for their child to attend classes or tutoring sessions. Students in K-5th grade receive two 30 minute breaks per day for free play and structured physical activities. Students in 6th-12th grade receive one 30 minute break per day for socialization and physical activities. There are extra classes on Fridays as well. If you'd like to enroll in our Homeschool Program, please visit the links below.

2023 Spring Class Schedule

2023 School Calendar

Black Days = School Days
Red Days = No School
Yellow Background = ACT Test Dates
Blue Background = Mock ACT Tests
Green Background = Start of Spring/Summer/Fall Sessions
Purple Background = End of Spring/Summer/Fall Sessions
Spring Semester = Jan 17th - April 17th
Summer Session = April 28th - July 31st
Fall Semester = September 5th - December 11th