Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference in private school versus homeschool?

A: Enrolling as a full-time private school student means that your child attends private school. There are attendance requirements that go along with enrollment as well as certain expectations. Private school students also have the advantage of getting extra help and a more personalized experience being full time. Our school also keeps up with attendance, transcripts, and other records. Enrolling as a homeschool or public school student means that students are not enrolled in our private school. These students do not have any attendance requirements or oversight as our school is not their primary school. Our school does provide grade reports in each class but does not keep records for homeschooled or public schooled students. Homeschool and public school students can sign up for one class or as many classes as they'd like.

Q: What's the best way to contact someone from the school?

A: Emailing our Square Root of Success Learning Center Communications Manager at or just stopping by during our normal school hours are great ways. You can also use the chat bubble on the bottom right of the page to send an email.