Our school offers extracurricular activities that all children can participate in. Each one-hour class provides instruction and guided practice in three different athletic activities. The activities chosen for each class will allow children the opportunity to work with their hands and feet, work on body movement, develop locomotor skills, develop manipulative skills, develop teamwork and social skills, work on individual skills, improve cardio fitness, learn new skills, improve confidence, and have fun. Children do not need to have any experience or knowledge in these activities. By participating in these activities, children will increase their physical fitness, learn physical skills, practice teamwork and cooperation, and gain a lifetime love of staying active.

If you are interested in signing up for our extracurricular activities, please sign up online through the links below. Our extracurricular activities are a part of our school, so they follow the same school calendar. There are 12 weeks per session (spring/summer/fall).

Click on a class to see the details about the activities.

2023 School Calendar

Black Days = School Days
Red Days = No School
Yellow Background = ACT Test Dates
Blue Background = Mock ACT Tests
Green Background = Start of Spring/Summer/Fall Sessions
Purple Background = End of Spring/Summer/Fall Sessions
Spring Semester = Jan 17th - April 17th
Summer Session = April 28th - July 31st
Fall Semester = September 5th - December 11th